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Together We Walk -Me and You, is a social enterprise, established to empower women and the youth of our country. Founded by like-minded friends, Manisha Jhamb and Meena Bhatia, TWW wishes to embark on a beautiful journey of challenges, struggles, and success with a vision to network, connect and support women and youth through their finely curated projects. Manisha, who is dedicated to the cause of youth empowerment, and Meena, an entrepreneur who understands the challenges faced by women, synergize their efforts towards a unique cause of collective upliftment.

Together We Walk – Me and You (TWW) is a community-oriented organization by women for women that aims at well-rounded prosperity and upliftment of women.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide women a platform with a strong community where they can exchange ideas, experiences and strengthen their networking skills. TWW not only gives women wings to showcase their art, skills, entrepreneurial ventures, and achievements but also strives to hone their interests and passion. We wish to encourage women to believe in their capabilities and assure them that they are the leaders of their lives.


Our Vision

TWW is committed to creating a supportive, inclusive and non-competitive environment for women and youngsters. We wish to support women by providing a proactive way of communication to broaden their horizons. Our paramount focus is on preparing women to achieve professional success whilst cultivating and celebrating their ambitions. We vow to provide them hope and opportunities for their all-around development. TWW envisions a tribe of empowered women, who can reach for the skies with their full potential and a positive attitude in life.

Lets join our hands together

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