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Reiki Healing - Part 2

Reiki is a japanise word which means postive energy. The roots of Reiki comes from Indian history, when the Saint and sages used to mediate for years or decades, in the process they were able to clear and balance their chakras , which used to make very high frequency of energy of enlightenment. This enlightenment they used to pass to their student (shishya) thru attunment (dhiksha) and this way they wear able to heal many people who used to suffer from emotional, physical or psychological issues.

When India was under British rule, few Japanese people used to observe the process of healing, so fast. After sometime they too became a shishya under different Saint and used to learn about the healing process of self and others. Then when they returned back to their country, they gave a modification to this healing and gave the name REIKI, started a Reiki clinic there and 11 masters were given attunment first time.

Few points to know about Reiki

- Reiki cannot be made or destroyed. It was and always be available in the universe. It's a universal energy

- Attunment is the most important part ,when someone learns Reiki

- Attunment cannot happen online. The person has to be there in front of the Reiki master

- Reiki can be given to living thing and non living things too. Like human, plants, water, Mobile, cheque, books etc

- Reiki should be only given when asked.

- Energy exchange is a must.


Rituu Bhatia

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