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Spirituality and Meditation

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Spirituality is a universal energy, which is available everywhere and in all forms...It is about where we find connected, with what form of energy. Spirituality is a sense or experience to connect with the divine energy. There are many modalities available in the universe to feel connected with the divine, like nature, mediation, yoga , intuitions. This form can be possible to practice thru different forms like Reiki, Tarot card reading, and many more. Meditation - Meditation is a state of higher frequency, where a person is awake, and tries to balance his/her senses and gradually connects to the trance. Meditation is a process of the internal churning (manthan) of good and bad emotions stuck in core. So when person begins with meditation initially, there are lots of unwanted thoughts , negative thoughts, past situation occurred. In short initially, it would raise all negative or wanted things, which is there stuck in you. This may happen for few days or weeks, depends upon person to person. Once you allow this to come out for once and all, you will have a tremendous positive energy, starts feeling very light and calmness in your mind. This is the stage where you get all your clarity and guidance from divine, since all the clutter is completely clear and the path is very clear to get intuitions from the divine. There is a feeling of happiness always in you. We shall explore more such forms of spirituality in upcoming blogs... Regards

Rituu Bhatia

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